TDX-ASSIST was recognized by ENTSO-E as a recent H2020 project with multiple TSOs direct participats falling in the flagship domain "Enhance grid use and development for pan-EU market".

Access the ENTSO-E RDI Implementation Report 2021 – 2025 here


The TDX-ASSIST project held its 36 month consortium meeting on 14th and 15th September 2020 virtually hosted by Brunel University London.

The TDX-ASSIST Project held its Final Project Review Meeting on Wednesday 19th November 2020 virtually with all the project partners and the INEA Project Manager. The meeting was hosted by Brunel University London.

The TDX-ASSIST published data sets are now available on the Brunel University London Repository under the following project tasks:

TDX ASSIST Task 1.2 - Definition of use cases and sequence diagrams

TDX ASSIST Task 1.6 - Profiling and UML proposals(2)